My Bibliographies…

In todays asignment we learned how to convert url to APA formats and we developed important sites that we need for our careers so my 5 APA bibliographies are about Digital Production and Computer Engineering two careers that I wanted to study to make a living out of.

My 5 APA bibliographies:

Álvarez San Román, M. (2018). ¿Anima(fic)ción? La producción del cuerpo en la era digital. Cahiers De Civilisation Espagnole Contemporaine (De 1808 Au Temps Présent), doi:10.4000/ccec.7002

Total: 50

Its a excellent source for what im looking for

S, O. (2016). Vídeos de producción propia en la prensa digital: buscando el equilibrio entre la calidad y la inmediatez. Revista Latina De Comunicación Social, Vol 71, Iss 1081, Pp 1-14 (2016), (1081), 1. doi:10.4185/RLCS-2016-1081

Total: 46

Its a excellent source but has some flaws that isn’t a big deal for the source to be un used

Gezgin, D. M., Adnan, M., & Acar Guvendir, M. (2018). Mobile Learning According to Students of Computer Engineering and Computer Education: A Comparison of Attitudes. Turkish Online Journal Of Distance Education19(1), 4-17.

Total: 50

Best Source that I have to look for information about Computer Engineering

Claudio Muñoz. (2017). El Rol de los Directivos y Gerencias Generales Frente a la Ciberseguridad. agosto 24, 2017 , de Colegio de Ingenieros de Chile Sitio web:

Total: 35

Its a usable source but its not the most reliable source for me but its usable

Computer engineering careers | computerscienceonline. Org. (n.d.). Retrieved September 18, 2018, from

Total: 50

Its a perfect source and shows me everything I need to know about the topic which in this case is Computer Engineering




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