Asignacion #4

In todays asignment we learned how to convert url to APA formats and we developed important sites that we need for our careers so my 5 APA bibliographies are about Digital Production and Computer Engineering two careers that I wanted to study to make a living out of. My 5 APA bibliographies: Álvarez San Román, […]

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The Importance of the internet

The internet is a phenomenon that has changed the world, A engine that u can market, communicate, and even look for information. With sites such as twitter, youtube, Facebook and search engines such as Google, Bing and firefox the internet has become our reality. Most forms of communication centers, entertainment businesses has gone virtual this […]

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Experimentando con la web

En el curso de Informática inf103 de la Universidad del Sagrado Corazón estamos produciendo contenido Web por primera vez. [Video por Antonio Vantaggiato] [Fuente:] #inf1033 #inf103 Lista para desarrollar nuevas destrezas!! 🐬 — Gaby (@GLimarys) August 16, 2018

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